Getting there

So that your arrival to Bituon-Beach Resort is as comfortable as possible, we are happy to help with travel arrangements. Because much of worth to note is, for example, the optimum time period and the arrival time, a cheaper fare, necessary and unnecessary baggage, the best time of arrival, the appropriate landing airport and much more. Benefit from our knowledge of the country and our experience. For over 20 years we help our guests in ensuring the optimum, independent and tailored to their needs arrival. A lot of tips and tricks, you can already see our video “Arrival”.

Detailed information about individual arrival obtained in person, which is much more effective than a consultation by e-mail. So do not hesitate and just call. We’re looking forward to the conversation!

Tel.: +49 (0) 23 36 50 91

Mobil: +49 (0) 171-8176607 (24h accessible)

Your contact person is Mr. Markus Hohmann

Please also refer to our product range. . .

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